Sales Agents Poland

Sales Agent in Poland and Eastern Europe

While the number of English speakers in Poland and Eastern Europe is rising, particularly in urban areas, communication in local language  is recommended in order to elicit prompt responses to offers and inquiries and to facilitate negotiations.

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E-commerce - Millions of new customers waiting for your products !!!

Take Advantage of our logistics solutions and save up to 70% on shipping cost to Poland and Eastern Europe! Ad COD to atract more customers!

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Insurance Poland

Insurance Agency in Poland - Save Time and Money on Insurance

Obtaining insurance can be a complicated and confusing process for foreigners in Poland. We do all the work for you by shopping dozens of carriers, instantly finding you the best combination of price and protection,

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Welcome to the 6th most attractive investment location in the world! (source: World Investment Report 2011, UNCTAD)

Why Brand Consulting?


    87% of marketing specialists think that direct, face-to-face  communication with customers, trade partners and media representatives is a necessary element of the company’s marketing strategy - that's why you need our service in Poland and Eastern Europe.

  We are big picture thinkers who think and act like business owners, not bean counters. We all share the same mission:

  • Provide clients with the highest service quality;

  • Meet clients needs and exceed their expectations;


Our clients are companies from different continents and industry. Starting from the Chinese clothing companies by the Brazilian coffee wholesalers and ending with the manufacturer of laboratory equipment and polygraphs (lie detectors) as Stoelting from United States.

With Brand Consulting, you work with some of the leading minds in the sales profession who take pride in finding the right solutions – from the practical and straightforward, to the wholly new and groundbreaking.

Clients tap into us for strategies and techniques to start selling in Poland and Central & Eastern market, maximize profits, grow their businesses, enhance their net worth, preserve and transfer wealth, and prepare for a financially secure retirement.You get access to the special skills, insights, and distinctive perspectives of the entire firm.As your outsourced sales office we overcome language-, distance- and cultural obstacles. 


Why do business in Poland ? It is Europe ’s sixth-biggest economy. It was the only country in the European Union to experience positive economic growth in 2010.

Poland ’s location offers numerous advantages for business. The country is located at the very heart of Europe . It borders on both the EU member states (Germany , the Czech Republic , Slovakia and Lithuania ) and the Eastern European countries Ukraine , Belarus and Russia plus at north we have a Baltic Sea . This means access to 250 million consumers within a 1000 km radius.